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Eggs and Endorphins

holiday stuff

12/25/03 06:37 pm - holiday stuff

We were planning on going to drcpunk's parents for of 5th nightof Chanukah (otherwise known as Christmas eve), but her father was/is recovering from an operation, so we agreed with them that we'd go up today for a few hours instead. Which left us free to accept Stephen's invitation to dine with that crowd instead.

Since we were coming -very- last minute, we didn't bring anything, but we did help out -- I spent a long while helping out in the kitchen, and Lisa did vacuuming. Tomas cooked up a storm, and in the end, everything was quite good -- especially the roast beef with mushroom gravy (which I had to exert effore to make sure I kept room for (with some success) since we'd eaten a Dim Sum snack at Mandarin Garden earlier.

My shoulder was hurting to varying degrees most of this time (quite a bit as we arrived, and my working at it only see,ed to exerbate the problem...but I found a position that I could rest in for a bit as Lisa was vacuuming, and working as a sculliion for a while actually helped, it sems) -- I'd seen the chiropractor on Monday, but had shown up late enough that I didn't feel comfortable taking an extra 15 minutes to be massaged, which would probably have helped a lot. So I'm really looking forward to massage tomorrow, since while it's -vastly better than it was early last night, my shoulder is still aching.

Back to the dinner, for the most part, it's odd, since this is the closest I've come to christmas festivities for a while. I n theory, since I haven't been religously Jewish for quite some time (tribal identity is another matter), and for what religion I do practice, the solstice -is- a holiday, this shpouldn't bother me, but it does, a bit (though not having a tree or decorations helped), mostly out of habit. But it was much fun anyways.

Happy Solstice/Chanuka:h/Isaac Newton's Birthday/Christmas/Holidays to all!
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