Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold


I'm here (only took me 'till 11pm yesterday)!

And I've met bardling and Chris/Keris, along with -lots- of people I know, and several I didn't, been to Waffle House for breakfast and after-midnight breakfast, found Mary's scissors in the seat cushions while looking for the book I'm reading (_Fool's Errand_, by Robin Hobb), got the book back from Hotel Security, and done really small amounts of singing (touches of harmony) done.

And, in my online life, I ended up (talking about J-LoTR), quipping the following: Remember the days where the Director's Cut came out 20 years later? Or better, was what was shown in the theaters in the first place?

Grabing food with callylevy, hjalfi, polar_bear, and little_cinnamon now. And watching Brits play with american breakfast is amazing fun.
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