Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

GAFilk 4

Lots of thing have happened since yesterday morning, most of them good -- having a great time.

Listened to the Friday Night concert, with performacnes by both the Bucklins and Chris C Conway. Nate is an -amazing- performer on so many levels, despite his voice his mediocre at best -- just great fun to listen to. And while Chris's CDs have left me a bit cold (kinda like "Easy Listening" filk) his performance style is amazing.

Friday evening, I hung out for a few hours with various folks, then got pulled in to hear Howie Harrison do the Birdie Song, which is, indeed, not to be missed (but I'm not about to spoil it). Then, pocketnaomi, braider, ladymondegreen and I made our way to the alt-alt filkroom (since both main and alternate filkrooms were quite crowded), which had a pleasant bardic going, though it started to destablize after a single full 'round (not that almeda, braider, pocketnaomi, and I couldn't probably have kept it going indefinitely, expecially wiith various others dropping in, but the vector wasn't in our favor). As that was disintegrating, I went into the main filkroom, which predictably enough, had emptied out enough to get cold, but also enough to be at my comfort level in terms of size, so I stayed there, singing occasionally, with a pleasant crowd, until about 3AM (when most of those assembled went to bed).

Saturday, (oh, yeah, it's still Saturday!) I got up late, did some shopping, and then spent an enjoyable several hours hanging out with pocketnaomi and Mary Muholand, before making various two-fers, then chatting with Ben Newman about games and Tolkien (and the combination thereof) for a few enjoyable hours and making a few more more two-fers and the banquet (where there was much music, edible food (though I had little appetite), and a reasonable amount of dancing, though I only managed a bit. My table had pocketnaomi (who retired early), filkerdave, and a nice crowd of Brits, though, so it was quite enjoyable, and I got to show off my Haori and ignorance thereof.
After that, there was and is callylevy's concert, which is amazing, so I'm now going to devote my full attention to it.
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