Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

GAFilk 5

Mich's concert continued to be fantastic.

The open filk later was damned good too -- as it turned out, many of the people pocketnaomi and I wanted to sing with had clustered in one room, so we spent a lot of time there, and after pocketnaomi went to bed, I returned there and stayed singing until well after 6AM, ending with a bunch of really good cold harmony sings in four part harmony, at which point the four of us (Callie Hills, Ben Newman, Blake Hodgetts, YT), plus some one who's name I didn't get, went out to breakfast (later joined by pola_bear, and, um, I think Crystal and Steve), discovered that Callie and I had probably previously met at Pennsic (in 2001? Something like that), and eventually went to sleep around 8:30 (with no regrets -- I think I'd used up my 3rd wind at that point).

This morning, the checkout time of noon (no late checkout allowed this year) forced me to make the Ecumenifilk, which was an utter delight.

And the piano jam, with, at one point, 5 pianists on 2 pianos using 9 hands, is being a lot of fun to listen to.

Also, purchased copies of the new Echoe's Children songbook (to be delivered later today, if possible), and pre-purchased a copy of their new CD.

Oh, and if it's not obvious, I got to sing a lot this con, though I did spend a lot of time listening, and more harmonizing than leading (but then, I really -like- harmonizing), or even drumming.
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