Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

GAFilk 6 (final)

The remainder of GAfilk passed in something of a blur, as there was a traditional Closing Ceremonies (ending with a Strangers No More sing by all), followed by pocketnaomi and I hurridly hugging everyone we could reach prepatory to heading out (fortunately, I'll see some of same, if by -no- means most, at Arisia next weekend). One of these days, I'l make GAFilk's dead dog, but I'm still conserving vacation days.

After that, the trip to the airport was fairly easy, the way through security was uneventrul aside from two pretty lighters I'd picked up at Torcon but not found when looking through my backpack getting refused and (by YT) abandoned (since food was more important at that point than $10 worth of lighters, even if they weren't trivial to replace).

Note: Atlanta's airport is very big, and unified, unlike JFK or La Guardia. Additionally, rather unusually, they have a single security checkpoint regardless of terminal, which tends to make for truly enourmous lines.

The flight was quite pleasant, as they go.

However, picking up my drum bag, I found that while the other things I'd stored in it were intact, that "helpful" AirTran baggage inspectors in Atlanta had ripped my bodhran head open in order to inspect the bag below it (rather than just untying the bag and inspecting the contents) -- this wasn't even a single rip, but a full rip across combined wirh a vertical cut and a tertiary rip, like some ecut the drum across one end and then ripped it in half by hand. I've complained, and given the monetary values in question, don't expect much, but I'm decidedly annoyed. I'd probably be more annoyed if I hadn't been considering replacing the drum, but -still-.

Anywyas, the trip was still a lot of fun (though having a drum for Arisia might be a touch challenging. :(
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