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Eggs and Endorphins

20 hours to Origins

7/3/02 12:29 pm - 20 hours to Origins

Ok, getting on to the time of my first Origins (I've done
something like 4 or so years of Gencon, but I've never gotten to Origins, and I'm looking forward to some serious LooneyLabs/Icehouse play, in addition to my usual Shadowfist play (though probably at the expensive of more than a token amount, if any, of roleplaying...but I'll get that fix filled at Gencon if not before).

From the task list, I've:
  • Packed for Origins, though the front zipper of my bag finally gave way -- time to pick up another bag and find out whether Kelty will do zipper replacements for a fee.
  • Done laundry, the only thing that went forth with no complications whatsoever, and on time.
  • Started to stage Goldy's project -- I ran into the fact that some of the libraries I was using required shell on a Solaris box to install, not straight FTP.
  • Done yet more packing -- I tend to pack very light by a lot of people's standards (backpack and a plastic bag or two for anything short of Pennsic, possibly plus insturments for events where that's appropriate), but this is because I usually plan to pack just a backpack and have things baloon slightly past that. I'm not quite sure why I grabbed my CD player and a bunch of CDs (in one of those cool AOL tins -- thanks, AOL, you finally made something -useful-!
    [later] Some amazingly cool co-workers of mine took me to Century 21, where I found a -very- nice, and very large backpack for $50 -- I'm good!

Now all I have to do is fly there in decent order!
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