Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

"The Multiple Intelligences Test" thing seems to be more a "multiple activities confidence test" thing.

I'm apparently not all that confident (except in music -- (Li9,Lo-M:8,S:3,BK6,M12,Inter:7,Intra:2).

In other news, I've sorta caught up on A&E commenting, have read the new Mckillip (really good, though not, I think, as good as _Serre_), and the latest Hobb (does a nice job of wrapping up the 6 book novel about FitzChivalry).

On a filkish nature, I've noticed that my preferred repetoire seems to shift faster than I can either memorize songs or write new ones, which leaves me with less to sing at a filksing than I'd like. So, frex, I've mostly stopped doing a lot of my Tom Smith repetoire, for one reason or another, and don't do a lot of the Heather Alexander stuff as much either.

Which does mean I need to find (or write, but I've never learned to write them) some more pretty fantasy ballads that fit my dramatic/vocal range.
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