Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

This isn't a con report....

...but since I subjected LJ to my planning notes for Origins, I figured I should post something of an update now that I'm back at a computer for a few hours (in the same library that Naomi was posting from at one point; I've only got about 15 minutes left until she's done with her class, so I'll try to keep this short).

We got in on Wednesday night, and mostly colapsed (after running into Julian and someone whose name I don't remmeber at the moment; I know I showed the two of them the ways of Icehouse-restructuring-fu, so that was probably that night). We did show up earlier than we expected by an hour or so, though (since our plane was running way late, we got them to switch us to an earlier non-stop).

On Thursday, I spent a fair amount of time in the Looney Labs Big Experiment room (where I ran into Tucker and Emily, who I hadn't seen since Johncon a few years ago, and which was way cool for reasons aside from them being way-cool people [which they are], since Emily was the person who had made an amazing dice-bag (which was not only pretty, but spacous and had a flat bottom so it would stand on its own when I was searching for dice inside it) which I was stupid enough to lose at Gencon [she's agreed to make me another one, which is fantastic]), played in a Girl Genius murder mystery game (which I won't give the dignity of calling a LARP, since the forms really are different; this was much closer to the murder mystery games you buy in boxes to run at parties, including =incredibly= sketchy character backgrounds and a murder who didn't know he was one) which was a bit of fun even if somewhat frustrating, played in (and was a finalist in, though I lost my first game in the final four against a cheese ascended (against which I somehow never drew either of the four cards the deck is packing to deal with such an opponent), and thus came in tied for 3rd [there was no differentiation between 3rd and 4th], rather than 2nd or 1st. I also played in a Fluxx qualifier event (which I lost, though we did have the "distinction" of the longest game in one round, with us going at least 3 times through the deck, and I think more) -- they use an "escalation" rule where the basic rules become "draw 2, play 2" after the first time through the deck, "draw 3, play 3" the second time, which is cool as well as kinda wierd when playing "play 2" lowers the number of plays from the basic, and got to try out Homeworlds finally, and play in the tournament (I was a finalist in this one, but took a serious risk to make sure the game would end so I could make "Windraker, Dreamtaker", the only non-LARP RPG I'd signed up for [and which the GM punked on, which was why we played the Girl Genius game instead], which ended up causing one of my honored [but evil] opponents to win.
On Friday, I played in (and didn't finalize in)the first of the two Shadowfist multiplayer constructed tournaments. [at this point Naomi finished her class, so I'll see if I can continue to fail to report some other time...but at the moment, I'm hanging out with Naomi for a few days in Cleveland; I'll be going back to NYC tomorrow -early- in the morning].

and never quite made it into the dealer's/exhibitor's room.
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