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Eggs and Endorphins

Tooth and Claw

3/18/04 06:14 pm - Tooth and Claw

This was composed yesterday, but doesn't seem to have been posted. wieeerd.

Ended about as I'd I'd expected it to, but with enough surprises to keep it interesting.
Delightful, in all.
I'm only left with a few detail questions.
First, I'm assuming that Yarge=George (certainly, the human ambassidor's pronunciation points in that direction.
Second, what obscenity is g---ing? It could be georging, but that seems off given the linguistic transforamtion of Yarge unless the word entered the draconic lexicon twice separately. (certainly, they seemed to have changed significantly from their roots due to the Conquest; if they learned tool-use and slavery at that time, they presumably learned writing then as well?)

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