Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

Lunacon, Friday

Managed to make the 6pm train, instead of, as usual, waiting 50 minutes. Spent part of the way down reading, but more of it trying to convince nosebeepbear that she could make it to Lunacon, but she couldn't find someone to go with her, and couldn't drive alone. Caught the shuttle with Mary Alice (an eas regular), then had a few minutes to put my stuff down drop off the Pennsic tapes I'd been asked to bring up, and glance at bits of the con before the Regency dance. Then I danced -- lots. My knee hurt a bit toward the beginning, then subsided for a while, so I think it was just a but achy rather than showing signs of existing damage (by contrast, last year, I ended up sitting out a huge number of dances and getting mysterious pains in others due to a tear in my miniscus which got operated on a month or two later). Danced lots, with genreally good partners, both new and experienced (and did dancie with Sue DG and Mary Alice, (who was in fine form, and a pretty regency outfit), as well as several new dancers).
Afterwards, I went back to my room to pick up my harp and drum.
Ok, that was the theory -- I actually spent over two hours talking comics, sf, and other stuff with Sam Tomanino in my/Nancy's room (which she'd kindly offered me a share in earlier that week). But -eventually-, I made it into the filkroom, and had a marvelous time. I even got requested to do Little Beard Blue (or was that the next night?). There was a lot of talk, though -- at one point, I started a sone only to be told that someone else (can't remember her name) was up, which was fair, but left me unrependant, since she'd apparently been trying to speak an intro over a loudly chattering room, and my side of the room couldn't hear her at all. Fun all-through, though. After the filk broke up, I spent over an hour chatting up marcmagus and storychaser before heading to bed (of course, the above two took much better notes than I did and should post con reports too, since my memory of the conversation is very vague).
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