Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

Lunacon, Saturday!

Saturday, I got up around 10:30-11, and after a shower and a snack in the con suite (conveniently across from the room), made a quick survey of the Dealer's Room (where I picked up copies of A Business of Ferrets (which apparently, Meisha Merlin had to narrowly avoid selling 3000 copies to Pet Smart, who thought it was about business and ferrets, not street urchins and politics), and Parlament of Owls, its sequel (as a sideways way of buying copies for pocketnaomi, who borrowed the books from me (or rather, had them pressed apon her, though she didn't protest too much) last summer or fall.
Then I hit the game room. A few hours later, I had learned Show Biz Shuffle and Attica from Perrianne, and gotten a bit of play with the upcoming Early American Chrononauts with Zev.

After all this gaming, I saw badgerthorazine in the hall moping a bit over not having a camera, so I lent her my Canon S40 for Saturday -- it's not like I use it much anyway. Then I saw I was feeling a mite peckish, so I went to the Con Suite for a snack. And entered pretty much at the exact time Esther Freisner and Susan Schwartz began their schtick. This time,the schtick consisted primarily of the CyberPrep (for the preppies who will inherit the earth after the Cyberpunks have worked all the bugs out, plus encouraging pink and green and sweetness and light) 10th aniversary, plus snacks encouraging the '07 Japan worldcon bid (yum -- tea made with brown rice and lechee and mango jellies), followed by Esther performing cheeblemancy. Throughout most of the schtick, I had the pleasue of rubbing debkitty's back, which was nice, and afterwards, had lots of conversation in the con suite, with her, with someone from Canada, with marcmagus, with Marc Drexler, with ookpik, Eyal Moses, storychaser and various others. A longish while later, I was still (again?) hungry, so I tried to organize a dinner misssion of sorts...with some success in getting interested people talking about it, and absolutely -no- success in coming to agreement on a resturant worth leaving the hotel for. Eventually, marcmagus, debkitty, and I gave up and headed for the hotel resturant.
On the way, we ran into nosebeepbear. Remember nosebeepbear? Apparently, Spam agreed to go with her 6 hours prior, and they'd just arrived. Naturally, I pounced her and "dragged" her to dinner, which was fun, if -amazingly- non-atkins-safe.
After dinner, we played a lot of zendo. I started off with a tricky but not that hard rule (flat pieces = standing pieces), but pushed it into "too hard" by going with a default=antagonistic mastering style (ie, my white koan had three wierds), and by not starting off with the standard terminology survey (I hit it mid-game, but that's less than ideal, since several not inexperienced players had issues seeing the 3wierd koan as wierd). Eventually (after losing a couple of players :( ), I relaxed my mastering style (with the agreement of the player group), and they reached enlightenment shortly after. We then played more Zendo, which was fun -- I even won "pips mod 3 = 0" on the second round, which was both a surprisingly well-mastered rule by a newish player and, well, a fair bit of speed on my part (and not a wild guess -- the white koans had 2 queens or a drone and a pawn, and I'd just nearly ruled out color).
After, Pooh and I went to filking (Marc had made it too filking on his own, I think). Filking happened, and it was good -- I even got a request to do X-libris, which was fun, and in the middle of filking, JV pulled me out to give me my top hat, which I left at a Lunacon 4+ years ago and haven't seen since! It goes very well with my leather trenchcoat, too. My voice started giving out early (3 or four), but in general, filking happened, and it was good (a bit too chitter-chatterry, but I noticed a concious effort to pull things back to filking on most participants' parts). Eventually, things turned to genreal chatter (as seems traditional at some point in the night -- not sure why), I turned things back to filking for a while by using Carrot Juice is Murder's ever-changing intro as a tool to cut through the general conversation and turn things back to filking. Eventually, though, dawn broke, and we, the final survivers (um. storychaser, her sister whose name I'm blanking on, and a few others) decided that the big bright light past 6AM meant that dawn had broke, and closed the filk.
However, Sue Cochran's Guitar was left in the filkroom (intentionally, it seems) so storychaser's sister grabbed it to bring to my room, in front of which the three of us chatted for a good long while before I went to bed.
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