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Eggs and Endorphins

Origins, continued

7/26/02 02:43 pm - Origins, continued

Ok, I'll be good and try to finish the con report, if briefly (partially because there's only so much that I remember).
After playing in a couple of Fist events on Friday (and making the Dueling finals), I blew off my evening event (a "larp" -- and you know, it feels cool, if evil, when a con -gives- you money for blowing off an event minutes before it runs) to play in yet -another- Fist event (I probably should have returned to the Lab somewhere in here, since I think I missed at least one unique event I should have made for the sealed Fist event). Somewhere in there, Lisa came and fed me, which was good, because after many hours of solid gaming ,I don't feel so good. I did also manage to run into the dealer's room briefly, grab a box of the new Fist expansion, and run back to the tournament I was about to play in (which I couldn't use any of the cards I just bought in, since it was sealed anyways :).

I guess, if I'm good, I'll continue this on Saturday in part III.
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