Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

Balticon: The con Itself

Friday, I skipped the filk entirely, instead hanging out with nosebeepbear and friends and playing Zendo until after the filk closed up.

Saturday, we got up in time to make Heather Alexander's main concert (pictures may follow), then I gamed, trying out St Petersburg (one of the contenders for spiel de jars; an economic strategy game with varied ways to win) and the Sticks and Stones Lunch Money expansion (which I own, but haven't played with; it does nicely vary the gameplay in ways, though I ended up simply drawing badly for hand after hand, and getting caught flatfooted that way). After dinner (yummy sushi with drcpunk and Nancy Leibovitz), I gamed a bit more during the Masquerade, then filked for a longish while, though I didn't perform much (the Itsy Bitsy Spider/Mary Ellen Carter cross, and PQR, that may be it). Filking broke up around 1:30 or 2, but I went to sleep after 3 anyway, since I wanted tp practice harp and Yaakov (er, Harold Feld) was coming in around then.

Sunday, got up early (er, 11 or so), and spent some timee in the gaming room trying to hunt up a game, but more of the gamers were apparently fast asleep -- there were games, but few I was interested in -- I got in a 2 player SJ game, and learned "counting sheep" (an incredibly light and random game with a lot of opprotunities to screw other players over, but a bit too slight for my taste -- moreso than Lunch Money, IMO), then got lunch with Drcpunk and attended Heather Alexander's children's concert, which as a lot of fun (and mostly composed of the obvious favorites, but that's part of the point).

Sometime after this, we left -i it's been a couple of weeks, and I'm fuzzy on the details. But was a good con.
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