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Eggs and Endorphins


6/22/04 04:36 pm - ow

I had a minor operation today

Specifically, en endoscopy with dilitation.

For those of you who aren't doctors and can't play one on TV, that amount to, as a treatment for my tendency to get food caught in my throat with some frequency, a 60+ year old man, with the help of a memory-limiting drug (and presumably sedation, though I was concious for some of the process) raping my esophagus with a series of graded cones in an attemt to widen it (and destroy the blockage).

This was done at 7:30 AM.
It is now 9:30 PM..
It still hurts, to the point of making me periodically nausiated. (no, the two previous times I had this procedure done, I didn't have this much difficulty).
I just hope this doesn't interfere with my Origins plans tomorrow.
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