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Not an Origins report

I'm going to finish that Origins report, at least saying "and then I left" (see, here I said it!) at some point...but I don't feel like it yet. And...I've got some photos I should really caption, so I think I'll do that first. First I got a digicam! (if I didn't, I wouldn't be showing these pictures. :)

Here are some pictures of NYC from outside my work window (on Broadway near Bowling Green):

Sompe pretty merfolk statues (the first pic also has substantial portions of broadway along with):

Just Broadway, looking south and down:

Some pictures of a pyramid-like thing on top of a nearby building:

An obelisk-like object, also on top of a nearby building:

Erik Hanson, a friend of mine, occasionally runs a way cool fantasy roleplaying game, using Ars Magica rules, but without the clunky Ars Magica magic (at my request), and lots of cool mediaeval/fantasy bits. Here are some pics from one of our sessions:

Erik himself:

Lisa, my partner, as well as a damned good roleplayer and GM:

Dave Siegel, AKA "BSD" (or Big Scary Dave):

Some pictures from the Nookery party a few weeks ago. It was hosted by Pooh, Mark, and Sam, but I don't have pictures of them. Instead, I have pictures of:

A giant cookie fortress, built by the kids. I got a lot of pictures of it. :) Nancy Lebovitz didn't (AFAIK) help build it, but she ended up in one of the pictures anyway:
The above pictures I resized, but I wanted to give you an idea of the scale of this thing, so these are at full resolution. Feel the massiveness!         

Sara (right), a cool dancer and gamer, and Ariel (left)(who I just met at the party):

Lisa, again, on the way back from the party. The way -to- the party was fraught with delays, since we were several hours off when we said we's show up for Nancy and Michael (?) to pick us up, and then they had problems getting from her house to the train station, which worried us a bit [but it all turned out great]:

Finally, I took some pictures around my neiborhood. Some parts of it may seem familiar from Spiderman (since according to the movie, he lives a few blocks away from where I do!):

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