Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

From Pershing Square

I looked up and realizied I hadn't written a journal entry in quite a while -- an error that should be corrected (a phrase that shant, I'm afraid, be the same for me since I read John M. Ford's Chromatic Abberition, in his newish collection.

Hilights: We ran a LARP, Jamais Vue, at Dexcon. It went very well, despite only having 8 players, largely due to drcpunk and Ishtvan determining casting order in advance down to two players. (Though my desiging an icehouse game and extemproaneously adjusting rules to fit which served as the "game puzzle", didn't hurt at all.

Thw twilight of that, however was discovering that my camera was broken. I still haven't gotten around to downloading the pictures taken off of it, or sending it in for yet another expensive repair job.

In other news, I've gotten horrifically behind on A&E, largely because I got turned onto Rebecca Borgstrom's amazing Hitherby Dragons. I am, finally, caught up, though, so the primary barrier is now mood, Spaceward Ho! (a palm space conquering game), and crowding on the subways. I suppose at some point, I may start apa-hackig on this device, that might help, though I am, in fact, faster with a full keyboard (but slower when the device with the full keyboard also hosts more distractions).

Lisa took the subway very early into the city today, rather than walkig somewhat later, since she was going into the doctor's. So I decided to accompany her, and rather than grabbing cheap breakfast at Alpha Donut (in Queens), get an expensive one at Pershing Square (see my journal entry from this last fall). Summary of breakfest: really good, really expensive, not as good as last time. The OJ was amazingly fresh. The jam was as good as I remembered (and I had more of it). The coffee is amazing, and just keeps coming -- I'm not sure what they do with it. OTOH, the variety wasn't nearly that offered for Brunch (it's possible that a more extensive menu would have materialzied if I'd pressed), so I'm paying $15 for eggs with bacon, rather than $18 for steak+eggs+hollendaise. And they misenterpred my request for crispy eggs as for crispy bacon (oops. good, though). But over-all, quite good.
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