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Had Dim Sum in NYC (off in a corner to keep our bags out of the way), so we had to pounce on the carts as they went past. But it was pleasant. Then Julian, drcpunk, and I took the Fung Wah bus to Boston (which oddly enough, actually came into South Station), and split a taxi with two othwes to the hotel (which gave us 9 keys -- score!). We registered, directed some more people to registration (something we seem tp be destined to do this convention), and since we hadn't run into Lee and Barry Gold (as we tend to every worldcon on wednesday), headed back toward hotel registration and settled down to try to contact our remaining roomates. While we were trying to do so...surprise, surprise, we ran into Lee and Barry, and followed them around, directing them, and others (see above) to Reg, eventually ending up at the Wednesday night open filk we hadn't known existed.
That was fum, though since I read rither than slept on the trip down, I came down with a tiredness headache fairly early (and felt a reoccurance of the vocal problems that have plagued me my last few filkish conventions), and eventually dragged Lisa off to bed. Mostly while we were filking, we managed to gather the other 5 people in our room, and met lots of people I'd expected to see (and some I hadn't).

Thursday, we got up and grabbed breakfast, then I headed for Mary Muholand's concert (which was fun, and gave me a way to painfully warm up my voice so it was better for the rest of the day) while Lisa headed for the dealer's room. I did try to do some gaming, but that was basically a bust -- I ddin't have enough time in either gaming room to form a game, they were pretty empty, and tended to have everyone who -was+ there already in a game or not interested. But my bouts of shopping were effectove, and I got to at least one more concert before meeting Lisa at 6, as well as finishting the book I'd started on the way up and talking to people (even got to play with Harold Feld's son, Aaron, for a while, and discover that Aaron was far more capable of hurting himself than I was with a bit of minor horseplay, while talking to Becky Feld).
For dinner, I had indian at the food court. For whatever reason, the line was incredibly long. The rogan josh was nice, but very bland, so I puled out my spice kit, and discovered (in a more conving way than I had in the past) that my bird's eye powder was losing potency -- I needed to add maybe a teaspoon of the stuff to my food to get a nice potency out of it -i this from stuff that would have been strong at a pinch 6 years ago. Conversation included Lisa,
nancylebov, Amy, and someone else who joined us later.
After dinner did a bit of the First Night (mostly just a walk-through) festivities, then joined Lisa for the Ellen Kushner Thomas the Rhymer production, which was wonderful, and told me I needed to reread the damned book. Elen didn't have her fiddler, but her singing and guitar playing and storytelling was nice.
After that, Lisa and I went party crawling. The best party of the night was probably Mary Kay Kare's LJ /Blog party (fancy that!), but eventually (after a nice conversation with ?, among others, at the lj party), we headed off to the filking.
The filking was fairly sedate, but as we came in, Barry was doing a song about Kipling, so Lisa asked for/helped on The Old Issue (the full version). I vegged most of the filksing, but did get in my Twa Lawyers and IIRC at least one other. The filking was -very- small, and ended at 2.
After that, well, catching up on ljing crossed with a nice long conversation with nancylebov, touching on politics, various forms of fantasy (esp fantasy with magic coming back, worlds with believable culturre and magic, and the idea of a magical singularity), and a few other topics before she headed off to sleep and I fi ally finished writing this.

Oh, look at the time. :)
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