July 18th, 2003


I left the harp home

because it would have felt really stupid to drag the thing to boston and not only not be able to play it well, but not even be able to tune it. My harp key followed me to the laundrymat about six-eight weeks ago, got fished out of the laundry and stuffed into a pocket, and I haven't seen it since.

I've looked online for a replacement, but online shoping for these things seems horribly, horribly confusing, with all the sizes tied to specific commercial harm makers, no measurements given, and my email to the harp's maker (an "Orion" of Orion's Creations and dark horde morritu)? possibly because that email addy has been abandoned, possibly because he's on his way to Pennsic, and possibly for a more sinister reason.

So I'm harpless, which is a bummer not least because I told bardling I would bring the harp.

On top of this, I'm horribly late to work, which is bad partially because they don't like it, and partially because I need to make an early start to get any use out of Concertino today. I may decide to just show up long enough to migrate the project I backed out of yesterday, and officially take the day off.

And pocketnaomi is not making Concertino (and nor is drcpunk), so I'm spending the weekend alone (aside from a crowd of fen).

And I'm lukewarm on the whole con, though that's likely to last about as long as it takes for me to get through the door.

And I blew off dance practice yesterday in favor of having my brain sucked by "GPF", a webcomic I couldn't manage to extricate myself from until 10:30 pm (after which, I neede to leave work, go home, and eat dinner).

It's not been a good week.

Thank the gods it wasn't worse, but still.
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not getting married...

I mean, not going to concertino -- I gpfed the afternoon away (after fixing several crises at work, that is, including at least one that I'd creatwd), had a late, but necessary brakfast at a the Excellent Dumpling House (at 5pm), waited for the 6:45 Lucky Star bus to Boston, got on the bus...napped, saw the last train from boston to Worchester left at 22:00, did some quick addition, and got the bus driver to let me out on the far side of the Manhattan Bridge. So instead of forteen hours of travel sandwitched around a bunch of filking fun, I've got a lot less travel, no filking (well, not much), more time to relax, and get to play in Lisa's oneshot/playtest for review of Dying Earth. I'll regret not seeing people, but I made the right decision.

Hope everyone has fun at Concertino!
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