January 14th, 2004


Arisia Query, and GAFilk Coda

Q: Is anyonw driving up to Arisia and back willing to carry about 10 cubic feet of cardboard pyramids from the upper east side to the park plaza and back? (I'm trying to get CUGC's icehouse pieces up to Boston so they can make friends with the Boston group's pieces).

And for those interested, here's the "Josh's stuff casualty toll" for GAFilk (was well worth it, though):

  • $400 (now, $600 when I bought it) S40 digital camera: mysteriously went blind before or at GAFilk.
  • sidekick: developed a crack in its case, though it's still quite functional.
  • Boar Bristle Hairbrish: handle broken off while in checked luggage.
  • 2 pretty lighters: abandoned after found by security
  • 7 year old(ish) bodhran: torn in half by security
  • Handera: developed annoying but not yet fatal screen artifacts shortly before GAFilk