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Eggs and Endorphins

March 3rd, 2004

01:06 pm - Nice day

First news: The company I'm working for, CheetahMail, is being bought by Experian.
Naturally, I'm nervous, but I'm also cautiously optomistic -- and they have claimed that they're going for a very hands-off policy, so aside from HR stuff changing over (and I did badly on the last Medical lottery, so I could use the second chance), things should be pretty much the same for a while.

Now, for more fun stuff...the Mythopeic long lists have been distributed to the comittees, so my reading list for the next couple of months is cut out for me pretty well (~33 books to read in two months; has definately been worse). Naturally, my first order of business is to play hooky and read Banks' State of the Art instead.

And I'm caught up on my A&E commenting, after many months of being behind, and well before deadline, too -- whoot!

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