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Eggs and Endorphins

March 23rd, 2004

12:30 pm - Lunacon, Friday

Lunacon FridayCollapse )

12:35 pm - Lunacon, Saturday!

Lunacon, Saturday!Collapse )

12:38 pm - Lunacon: Sunday!

Grabbed breakfast in the con suite (it was -so- cool to have the room be right across from the con suite, though I think that room may have used to be part of a suite), and got dressed for the SCA fencing demo. The demo was fun, though I still need to get Vevetian pants that are fitted well enough to stay above my knees (venitians are the poofy pants that attach to the legs rather than hanging loose); I was a bit out of shape, but aquitted myself well (still need to get less tentative in team melees, though). Afterwards, I dropped in on a game of Munchkin Fu (which went pretty well, though I didn't win--I managed to stop a win with the Hong Kong rule, playing a 12th level monster on someone, and tried to win once or twice before the end), and after a visit to the con suite, went to the not-quite-dead dog filk.
The filk was fun -- I played around on the harp more than saturday, and lots more than on Friday, when John Hertz gently chided me for not playing Caliope (my harp). I sang a reasonable amount, despite my voice being pretty sore (not sure why it's getting sore earlier, faster -- it's a disturbing trend, though at least I didn't get -sick-). It broke up after 6, when lots of people were going home, and others (including yt) were thinking of it.
I wanted to get on the 7:20, but couldn't get my stuff ready in time.
I was planning on making the 8:20, but Brian (who had offered me a lift to the train, or the City if I was leaving later) couldn't manage to clear out his back seat in the 10 minutes he'd have needed to.
So instead, I stayed around eating really nice pistatio brittle from the dead dog, playing 3 short games of fluxx and one ridiculously long one (winning 2, I think; it shows how messed up fluxx <3 was that 3 games were won with Love/all you need is love, including the really long one), and eventually being driven home by Brian, with a very smooth trip that took less than half an hour, I think.

All together, a good experience.
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