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Eggs and Endorphins

September 22nd, 2004

09:44 am - Gone Reading

I've finally managed to find some free time to read, when I wasn't being addicted to palm games (actually, I accidentally left my Palm at home today for the second time in a row, which would be more annoying if most of its functions hadn't migrated to the Sidekick), wasn't trying to work on my A&E Zine, etc.

It's kinda nice.

Current Novel:

The Grand Tour (sequel to Sorcery and Cecelia)

Recent Reading:

Sorcery and Cecelia (re-read), by Wrede and Stevermer
Crown Duel (the complete version), by Sherwood Smith
The four main-line Liaden novels (by Sharon Miller and Steve Lee)
Hitherby Dragons
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