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Eggs and Endorphins

November 26th, 2004

12:29 am - Thanksgiving

Went to </b></a>'s (AKA Harold Feld) and beckyfeld's for Thanksgiving, along with pocketnaomi and acrobatty and Greg. Was fun, if tiring; ate lots, plus plenty of post-dinner chat.
I need to get back to fiction reading (reading time has recently been spent nethacking instead). However, since I have one week in which the remainder of the characters for Mad Scientists II must get written, this is not actually all that likely. (so I should do my part for that instead instead of continuing to avoid it).
OTOH....Darkover tomorrow!

[Edited, post Darkover, to fix the ugly "[non-existent lj tag]" message and instead just display a functioning non-existent lj tag instead. Which taught me that by clicking on the icons next to people's name, you can get to their info page, rather than their journal. You can? Does everyone know this aside from me?]
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