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Eggs and Endorphins

December 14th, 2004

09:41 am - *giggle*

A cute mineature terrier -- a tiny furry little dog only somewhat larger than a large rat -- just tried to follow me to work, despite all jer owner's protestations (and my giggles), moving beautifullly in pace with me, until her owner finally just picked her up as the only way to stop her.
Don't think I've ever had -that- happen before.

09:53 am - The Chess Tables (fiction)

See those concrete tables? Yes, those.
Do you know why they call them "chess" tables?
It's not becauise people play chess on them. Though they do sometimes, the ignorant and the reckless. But that's not really why they're called that.
It's because the tables themselves play chess; If you know how to challenge them, and if you dare.
Almost nobody ever does, though. If you win, you can claim a high prize, but if you lose, the price you pay is still higher.
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