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Eggs and Endorphins

December 23rd, 2004

12:51 pm - *snort* Heh.

drcpunk and I were talking about how certain "Adult" clubs advertise "Live Girls" (so where are their competition that deliver dead ones?), and it struck me. A name for a whorehouse...

cut for the really easily offendedCollapse )

09:13 pm - diary: wisdom, 2/4

I just had a couple of wisdom teeth removed (my lower ones. So it's only higher wisdom for me). The oral surgeon said it was tough, which is probably not a good thing, but the painkillers haven't really worn off yet, so I'm doing ok (and based on past performance, I have a decent pain tolerance anyway).

Lisa stayed with me as long as she could (until the doctors kicked her out, probably because of the room size). Mighty sweet of her, and of my parents, who volunteered to show. It was really annoying when my zaurus mp3s cut out after the first 30 minutes or so.

And really surreal seeing tooth parts leave my mouth, and blood on someone's gloves I knew was mine.

Pretty routine, though I'm amused at how much the post-op advice resembles that after my orthoscopy. As it is, the voyage home (currently in traffic on the BQE, in a cab) may be almost as painful. :)
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