May 28th, 2008


Filk: Grew It Myself

This is far from new (in fact, it's 5 years old), but I just added a final chorus, plus I wasn't posting songs on LJ when I wrote it, so I figure it's about time to post it here.

If it matters (or even if it doesn't), this song is All Jordan's Fault. At Conjose, in 2002, at the tail end of a monster song (one of Gary McGath, probably, but it's not like I remember), he quipped "you can build a monster from things you find at home". Naturally, my brain latched onto this like a Lenore onto a Raven, and I spent the rest of the con, in my free time (which wasn't that much; I think this was Sunday night) worrying at the chorus. Did you know that patter songs were hard?

A fannish year later, at the 2003 Worldcon in Toronto, I still hadn't finished the damned chorus. But the fact is, cons are easily my best time for working on filksongs, so that and the fact that it dawned on me that it had had been a Whole Year and I'd still not finished meant that I'd completed and debuted the song by the end of the con, patter-song chorus and all.

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