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Eggs and Endorphins

June 1st, 2008

02:56 pm - Good enough to Eat

Good Enough to Eat
483 Amstedam Avenue (twixt 83rd and 84th street)

drcpunk found this place in a food guide, and it was pretty close to where we were going, so we went. It was Quite Nice. Not cheap -- we were $67 before tip! But nummy.

We ordered pink lemonade (good enough that we finished it and ordered another), halibut (great), beef (adequate) with broccoli (quite nice) salad (likewise) and potatoes&shallots (glorious). And a godiva chocoalte pie under custard, which was amazing.

Only thing I wasn't thrilled with was the beef. Which, well, not a steakhouse, and we got it rare.
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03:19 pm - Short Song: Chocolate Tonight!

I instafilked the verse of this during one of the chocolate parties for Contata. Only finished it up just now, though (ok, it could get a spoken bridge and another verse or two. But without a lot more good jokes, why?

Chocolate Tonight
ttto Sondheim's Comedy Tonight

Something that tasty
Something that's racy
Something euphoriac,
Some chocolate tonight
Something that's sweeter,
Something that's bitter
Something thobromine
Some chocolate tonight

Nothing that's fruit, nothing that's sour.
Mabye a cute thing made with some flour.

Something enticing,
Maybe some spicing,
Tastes that will make your mind take flight
Hamburgers tomorrow, chocolate tonight!

And since I mentioned it, you all are going to Contata, right? It's in just under 3 weeks, June 20-22nd. With Heather Dale as GOH, Tom Smith as Toast, Nate and Louise Bucklin as IFGs, and Crystal Paul as listener guests...not to mention attendees like Mike Whitaker--it will be a too much fun to package in just one weekend.
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