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Eggs and Endorphins

Interaction, Worldcon, Glasgow, 2005

9/9/04 04:00 pm - Interaction, Worldcon, Glasgow, 2005

It's time for drcpunk and myself to harden up our Interaction plans.
First: Anyone want to share a room? I'm thinking of the "family double" rooms in the Best Western, but we'd really need two more people to make those affordable (they run at 134 pounds/night). Seems like a nice hotel, though, and closer than most of ther things to the various nexuses.

Also, we'd really like to make a bit more of a trip of it, and -not- the @%#@$ tour thing (not that we didn't meet cool people on the pre-Intersection tour, but it was really exhausting). This means we need to make arrangement with people who we'd like to meet or see, and ideally also figure out where we're going to stay in the meanwhile. Any ideas? Obvously, it would be nice to work things in like attending a Far Isles or sca/Britain event, or attending Mythcon (which will be in Britian as well this coming year), in as well, if we could.
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