Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

Update. Ok, I'm kinda busy

Two weekends ago, as many of you know, I visited pocketnaomi (along with her daughter Grace and husband acrobatty). It was fun, even if I -did- get my ass handed to me in several backgammong games; the hilights included visiting (accidentally by surprise) Harold and Becky Feld, meeting Greg/Hussein, and a lo of hanging out. Was a good visit.

Last week, by contrast, was kind of mediocre. Was a bit boggeddown at work, and feeling kinda low-energy in general.

The weekend was nicer, though -- we played Cthulhupunk, attended the EAS dance class, and prepped for our run of the LARP Colonel T. Rawhide'sCircus of the Spectacular this coming Sunday (which made its minimums; now we'll see if we end up being comfortable, fill, or end up having to turn people away...), while ignoring the Medfest at Fort Tryon Park.
Next weekend (on the 16th), I'm attending the Elegant Arts Society Grand Assembly, which should be a lot of dancing fun (and should be on a level open to all, with workshops throughout the day and a ball in the evening).
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