Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

I feel like my identity is falling away...

It's strange, how events tend to take a theme on their own. I've been planning to renew my passport, since it expires next fall. And I've wanted for a long while to get a state ID so my passport isn't my only ID, but was stymied last time by my social seciruty card having a misprint.

Well, this week I realized that I'd somewhere lost my passport (probably while contemplating renewal). So until I get it replaced, I pretty much can't fly.

And when I went through my desk drawer to find my birth certificate, I realized that that there was of it -- yellowed, torn in half, and AFAICT, missing an embossment, was almost certainly unusuable.

On top of that, I left my wallet at home on Monday, and realized tuesday night that I'd forgotten my bank account PIN and not realized it, and while I was at it, lost the postcard they sent it on.

Now, I've ordered a new birth certificate today, ordered a new PIN yesterday, still don't know how to deal with the SSID card without a day off, and drcpunk brought my wallet into the city that evening. But until the rest of the suite of issues is dealt with, I remain,

Identity Free
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