Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

memes. The real sort, not the wimpy lj pseudo-memes

cadhla has this story.
About a raven, and a microwave. I don't remember the raven's name (drcpunk tells me it's Edgar), but it's not important. What -is- impportant is that it's a really funny story, and it involves the raven (actually, it imvolves two ravens. the smart one and the dumb one. "edgar" is the dumb one) saying his favorite word, "microwave", in a very funny voice, and in the most inappropriate situations (at a risk of spoiling the story, one of the situations involves Edgar being trapped in a microwave).
I've never heard Cadhla tell the story.
I have, however, heard [Unknown LJ tag] tell it, at least twice. And drcpunk tells me I've heard ladymondegreen tell it too. The last time I heard it was about a year ago. If you see one of them, ask for the raven story. It's really funny.
Well, this past Thursday (when I started this post) Lisa and I were heading out of Oki's, our favorite sushi place in Queens, and Lisa mentioned to me that I'd said I wanted to buy a new Metrocard on our way home, and did we want to do that.
"Metrocard", I said, in a "raven saying microwave" voice.
"Um, Josh? Metrocard? You wanted to buy one?"
"Metrocard!" I said, in a happy raven voice. I couldn't stop myself.
Lisa did, eventually, herd me into the train station, though not without me saying "MET-trocard" several times. On our way home, I mentioned the incident to her, and asked if she minded.
"MET-trocard!", she said happily.
I think it's catching.
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