Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

GaFilk, in brief

Truly kick-ass convention.

I had a marvelous time. Wish a bunch of people were here (er, there) (you know who you are, or should), but had a marvewlous time anyway. Still having one, as I started this, actually, though I didn't have enough time to spare from the festivities to blog.

Hilights included, but weren't limited to the Friday night Bucky-Ball chaos, the Saturday banquet and dance (and dance, and dance; all my varied partners (at least: nrivkis, FIGMO, mary muholand, nrivkis, ohi_blathering, kitanzi, nrivkis, the goh, whatever her name is, crystal gayle, and nrivkis)), and at least three breakfasts unequally spread out over three mornings, the Saturday night "small bardic" (which eventually killed and ate the two much larger chaoses, until it was the remaining (still somewhat larger than it had started, though much reduced) working filkroom when the mood went from filk to rpg chat at 6AM, meeting new friends, the filkhaven buttons, and, of course, hanging out with nrivkis.

I haven't preregged a year in advance for a filk convention before, but I did this time.
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