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I've been bad, and haven't posted for months and months, and am -not- going to try to summarize my life in between (like I ever did).

Interesting things since my last entry: finished a few projects for work, though haven't gone live yet. Went to Gencon; took lots of pictures, didn't get around to posting them. (went to Worldcon and took pictures, haven't gotten around to posting them either). Bought Puerto Rico, and have been playing it irregularly, though in a non-josh-like manner, haven't won a game yet. It's an interesting game.

Incredibly recent natter: Wanted to have chinese food today, so organized a largish order at the Excellent Dumpling House (since I'd called them up earlier and they'd said they required a $25 minimum for an order as far as Wall Street, which is two blocks away). Then called in the order, and apparently FUlton is -so- much farther south that they won't even think of it, not even for a scooby snack twenty five dollar order. Decided to pick it up anyway, and found that somewhat to my recollection, the restaurant is a block away from the subway stop (actually, less, but it's a block away from the entrance right near the N), which is in turn less than a block away from work. Which means I picked up the food in less than 20 minutes, but...why can't they do that? Still, the food is good.

Also, am doing a bad Iron Monkey thing for Halloween today -- this isn't as, um, appropriate as the Samide paraphernalia I've been doing for the past few years (ie, top hat, sunglasses missing an eye, and to add a bit of personal weirdness, a noose), nor quite as comfy, but it's different.
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