Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold


Not that much to say, really -- another day, another con. I went gaming in the afternoon (and played both Ticket To Ride: Europe and New England for the first time, both excellent (Matt, you -must- start bringing NE to GC, it's decidedly underplayed!)) filked at night, and snuggled with drcpunk or chatted with and/or hugged a variety ofin the spare minutes.

Regarding the new location, it did take the move for me to realize how completely kick-ass the Ryetown Hilton is. Yes, I know why we left (we'd sadly outgrown it), but the arrangement of the space was amazing, with wide open corridors giving the justified impression that one could wander about and see the entire convention in bare minutes. The way one could climb up the staircase near registration, walk down the corridor, and follow the path to the con suite, passing the entire con on the way was amazing, and nonparalleled in most convention hotels, including the new Lunacon hotel.

That said, the con was quite fun, though food was sadly inadequate, and I got the impression that there were a fair number of people present I never saw.
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