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Eggs and Endorphins

Two more riddles

4/7/05 07:46 am - Two more riddles

[edit -- added credit for answer to 1]
[edit -- corrected spelling]
I actually never got around to posting the remaining two riddles from last night's rather one-sided riddle game (ie, me throwing riddles at drcpunk -- she got 4 (of course) and 2 (which nearly everyone got), but not the other 4 yet), so here aare the other two:

Four came before me.
Two commanded me.
One was within me.
[answered by marcmagus]

Famed am I.
Yet my final, fabled task
is cutting foliage.

Hmm. Or is the second one better as:

Famed am I.
Yet my final, fabled fate
is filetting foliage.

Is there such a thing as too much alliteration? :)
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