Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

Natter: Cthulhupunk

So, the last full group Cthulhupunk session has come and gone.

And I find myself a bit disappointed. Sure, it was a fine enough session, given the trouble Lisa's had juggling the players and giving all of us enough screen time, rather than just one or two. But while Lisa's primary goal was realized, that goal was "wrap up the loose plot threads", rather than "run a capstone conclusion to 12 years of gaming, 4+ of it after the most recent break"

Basicaly it wrapped up the big stuff, but it didn't wrap up the little, interpersonal stuff, didn't separate the characters of players who are likely to stick around from those whose lack of interest is killing the main campaign, and didn't provide a narrative and emotional conclusion.

Unfortunately, this was billed as "the last session", so my desire for a "last last" session is unlikely to happen (and won't unless the other players agree).

Can I have a do-over?
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