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[filk] Pegasus: better brainstorms for S&S and Space Opera?

The brainstorms for the Sword and Sorcery and Space Opera songs for 2005 have only one problem.

Very few of them are actually S&S or Space Opera songs.

Does anyone have any better ideas?

Remember, to be eligable, songs need to not -ever- had won -- so anything on is ineligable.

Here's what I've got so far:

Space Opera:

Signy Malory, Fuel to Feed the Drive, and Rocket Ride (from the brainstorming list) are close enough.
Running a blank on other things -- maybe Galaxy Quest or Star Wars songs?

Sword and Sorcery:

Lammas Night
drawing a blank after that.


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[edited to add updates from the thread 7/7/2005]

Updates from the threads. I did do some (very) minimal editing of
things I didn't think had a prayer, and take no responsibility for
representing the views of the contributors accurately.

Space Opera:

Ladies Night Mike Richards/Leslie Fish (keristor)
Temerature of Revenge Tom Smith/Julia Eklar (jadine)
Fury Mike Richards (keristor)
"No Quarter" Cat Faber (faxpaladin)
"Barrayaran Roses" Maureen S. O'Brien (faxpaladin)
"Boundless?" Blake Hodgetts (faxpaladin)
Ladies of Trade Town Lee Martindale (borderline?) (faxpaladin)
Ender's Game Larry Warner (djonn)
"Terrific Centrifugal Still" (Bill Sutton?) (djonn)
"Star Rover" Cecelia Eng (djonn)
"Finity's End"/leslie fish (antongarou)
"Eumendies"/"Furies"(same song- I've heard it referred to by both names)/leslie fish (antongarou)
"Border Patrol"/Heather Alexander (antongarou)
"Bones"/Frank Hayes (antongarou)
"Transport 18"/Leslie Fish (antongarou)
"Carmen Miranda's Ghost/Leslie Fish (antongarou)
"Starwind Rising"/Leslie Fish (antongarou)
"Startide Rising"/Duane Elms (antongarou)
"Poet and Starman"/Bill Sutton (antongarou)
"Bested"/Echo's Children (antongarou)
"Fair Was The Blossom"/Echo's Children (antongarou)

Space Opera From Starcat Jewel: (who suggested enough to get her own section :)

Asteroid Ore, Robin Nakkula
The Ballad of Stan Long, Joe Haldemann
The Ballad of Transport 18, Leslie Fish
Bask Ye Samplers, Bill Sutton
Border Patrol, Julia Ecklar
Come Ye Knights (Jedi Queen), Technical Difficulties
Drink to the Health of the Dorsai, Margaret Middleton
Ender's Game, Larry Warner
Locked Up for a Year in a Spaceship with No Women Blues, unknown (Clif Flint?)
Frozen in a Spaceship Blues, unknown (Margaret Middleton?)
Hyperdrive, unknown (Cynthia McQuillin?)
Iron Mistress, Leslie Fish
Luck is a Jade, Cynthia McQuillin
Nick Van Rijn, Margaret Middleton
Phantom Lover of the Stardrive, Diana Gallagher
The Pilot's Eyes, Bill Sutton
The Pride of Chanur, Leslie Fish
Privateer, Michael Longcor/trad.
Ramblin' Joe Finch, Dandelion Wine
Rest Stop, Julia Ecklar
Shai Hulud, Kathy Mar
Space Station Annie, Cynthia McQuillin
Starwind Rising, Leslie Fish
Tin Soldier, Julia Ecklar

Sword and Sorcery:

Jirel Of Joiry (mnemex,starcat_jewel)
Chainmail Mama, Longcor (starcat_jewel)
The Cripples' Shieldwall, Leslie Fish (starcat_jewel)
Divine Irregularity, Tom Smith (starcat_jewel)
Falconsbane, Michael Longcor (starcat_jewel)
Fundamentals, Lackey/Fish (starcat_jewel)
Gil-Shalos, Lackey/Fish (starcat_jewel)
Grendel, Kathy Mar (starcat_jewel)
Heroic Fantasy Blues, unknown (Bill Sutton?) (starcat_jewel)
Jirel of Joiry, Lackey/Fish (starcat_jewel)
Kerowyn's Ride, Lackey/Fish (starcat_jewel)
Magicians' Wives, Peter S. Beagle (starcat_jewel)
Need, Lackey/Fish (starcat_jewel)
Stormbringer, Heather Alexander (starcat_jewel)
The Sunhawks, Lackey/Eng (starcat_jewel)
Swordsman, Michael Longcor (starcat_jewel)
Gil-Shalos Lackey/Fish (djonn)
Warrior Maid Cat Faber lavenderbard)
"Wizard of Macke Town"? Bill Sutton (lavenderbard)

From Antongarou:

"Warrior"/Meg Davies(probably written by Mercedess Lackey, but I'm unsure)
"The Sunhawks"/"Idra's Sunhawks"/Mercedes Lackey(known under both names- the version I have is performed by Cecilia Eng, Larry Warner and Heather Alexander)
"Oathbound"/Mercedes Lackey(the version I have is performed by Cecilia Eng, Larry Warner and Heather Alexander)
"Oathbreakers"/Mercedes Lackey(the version I have is performed by Cecilia Eng, Larry Warner and Heather Alexander)
"Chains"/Cynthia McQuillin
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