Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

We're on our way

Our backs (er, I mean, bags, but my entire luggage is in a huge duffel which is currently sitting on my back, and is extremely heavy) are packed, we've left the house, to be picked up by a car service in 7 minutes, to get on a plane in 3 hours, which should drop us in London after a 7 hour flight. After which, we then get on a train to to Glasgow, arriving a "mere" 12 perceptual hours after we left (and 17 hours by the clock), not to return until the 17th, and not to spend a full 24 hours in NYC again until my birthday (the 21st of August).

Whee. I hope it's (and suspect it will be) worth it.

See all of yous who are going to Worldcon (or Tolkien 2005, but I don't know of anyone who reads this aside from drcpunk who does) or that other con in Indianapolis when that happens!
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