Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

On the plane

Ok, this will be my last post before we land.

On our way into the plane, Lisa and I had someone pull us off to the side, check our passports...and let us cut the line. Wierd, huh? Especially given our usual expectation that this sort of thing would involve an extra inspection instead...

I've been reading, not vidgaming (apparently, the cheapo mp3 player I have helps, taking care of my nervous habits which often push me into playing video games on the zaurus in preference to reading far more than I'd like; hopefully this will continue, since I've been reading much less over the last couple of years than I'd have liked). What have I been reading? Actually, it's Ellen Kushner's latest manuscript. Is it good? Is it ever...

Gotta turn the phone off now.
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