Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

Belated, extremely short * Report

My non-presence during the Worldcon was not a sign that I'd lost my ever-on internet presence, nor was it a sign that I was too depressed to post. Instead, well, Worldcon was a lot of fun, if very hectic -- including not one but three A&E (Alarums and Excursions, the 30 year old gaming APA, for those playing the home game) meetings, one of them impromptu, lots of very nice food and drink, quite a lot of nice filking (though I spend most of it listening) and a fair amount of gaming and conversation. And, FWIW, good Glasgow Chinese food is not all that, whereas good Glasgow Indian food is excellent (the best/only we tried was the Mother India Cafe, coming back there rather than trying something else, since it was that good).

We also met several new people, including several British gamers while walking around and chatting, two Dutch filkers, Arwen and Ilana Grune (who were sisters, very pretty-sounding, enthusiastic, and much farther away from jailbait than they looked (photos to follow once I'm in the states, though I'll try to attach a couple to this post on general principle; if that works, Arwen is the one in the blue)), Simon Fairbourne (who I'm pretty sure I'd never been in the same place as), and the Piers the_gwenzilliad referred to in her journal. And at the end, we were invited over to the_gwenzilliad and [Unknown LJ tag]'s place, saving us a mess of worries (actually, we were invited over on Saturday, allowing us to avoid worrying on Sunday and Monday) and allowing us to have an excellent time at their place in the two days in between Worldcon and Tolkien 2005.
The Tolkien converence? Well, it's a bit too scholarly for me, and I found myself aching and playing street fighter (once I finished the Glen Cook novel, anyway) on my zaurus, but I've heard lots of interesting things, and we've had one rather nice Indian dinner. The afternoon will be spent on Mythopoeic stuff, which I think I'll enjoy more, both because it's more wide ranging and engaging to me (and mostly panel not someone reading a paper), and because my Zaurus has run out of batteries, helping me pay more attention). Speaking of which, I should finish -this- distraction, too.
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