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Eggs and Endorphins

(diary) A better day

8/15/05 07:26 am - (diary) A better day

Was much more engaged yesterday -- the papers in the morning were papers (but I was a bit more engaged anyway)...but then we had some conversation over lunch (with marykaykare, who I'll correct to her lj name when I have better access, and someone else), followed by a very nice panel which I actually participated in (and probably got too enthusiastic over); followed by a break with lots of fun conversation, followed by a discussion which I was seriously part of (discussion of the Mythopoeic finalists, lead by the committee members...of which I'm one), followed by a very engaging dinner with two other members and drcpunk, followed by the Mythopoeic closing ceremony and award announcements (for the awards I pay attention to/vote on, that's Terry Pratchett's Hat Full of Sky for the childrens' award and Strange and Norell for my second choice), followed by a pleasant evening in the pub with other Mythies ending with a nice long conversation with Elleanor Farrell (and drcpunk). Today, we haven't listened to any papers, though we will; instead, we're hanging out at the impromptau filk in the lunch room for a while.
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