Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

(diary) On a plane in 80 minutes.

We're about to go through security as I start this. The checkin person
advised Lisa to check her drop spindle "as it might be mistaken for a
weapon", so we don't get to find out whether security would have
objected to a wooden wand with a wire hook at one end (not sharp), which
may be just as well.

The last couple of days (at the_gwenzilliad and filcolaire's) were a
lot of fun -- we arrived from Birmingham, grabbed Indian food on Curry
Lane (good, butr not as good as that in Glasgow, since the customary
harassment made us a trifle abrupt in our choice of resturant), arrived
at the_gwenzilliad's, played Hell Rail with telynor and G, and went to
bed. Wednesday, we met with simonreeve for dim sum
(unplanned, but it was lunch) and a visit to the Tate Britain (fun and
interesting, though they didn't have either the Dodd that was our
primary hook, or the Blake room on display).

Then we brought Simon back to the_gwenzilliad's, she served an
excellent dinner (helped by her family), and a good time was (AFAICT)
had by all. Telynor colapsed early (when filcolaire normally, and did
colapse), so I taught G Volcano, put the pieces away while he washed
dishes and broke a glass (my perceptions were apparently in the "on"
position since I was shouting and running for the sink as the glass
fell), shooed him out of the kitchen and cleaned up the glass, let him
finish up the dishes, and taught him "spit" (2 games, the first was a
typical blowout learning game even with me handicapping myself, the
second I won in time to go to bed, but G aquitted himself nicely and
almost turned the game around in the last round).

This morning was productive, as I finally had time when someone wasn't
sleeping in the master bedroom to make a servicable (and successful)
attempt to fix the_gwenzilliad's wireless router, followed by drcpunk, myself, and the_gwenzilliad playing on the network for
a bit before the two of us departed.

We're on the plane now, despite taking a wrong turn on the way to our
gate (oops) wasting about 10 minutes. It's now 20 minutes after the
plane was scheduled to take off, so I'll send this and turn off the

I've attached the photos of Arwen and Ilana I promised earlier and just
forgot -- curious to see whether they post.
Photo 19.jpg

Photo 16.jpg

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