Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold


Hmm. Not going to do even the "I'm not really doing a con report" level that pocketnaomi did, but I guess I do have a few things to say about OVFF.

1. It was a lot of fun. Not, for me, as fun as last year, all told, but a lot of fun. I did find it to be less -more- (or different) fun than the recent East Coast Filkcons than both worldcon filks and last (and reported) OVFFs have been in the past, but part of that is that the last 3 or so years of East Coast Filkcons have been a lot better than they were when I started going to them.

2. I did find that there was a bit too much chitterchatter -- both in between songs and as before-after song chitterchatter that didn't really need to be there (ie, the kind of stuff that makes me want to say "shut up and sing").

I didn't find myself having -much- trouble breaking in...but still, as one of the un-guitared masses, do really think that the "default chaos" could use, when it got past 10 people, a "throw in a token" or similar unambiguous protocol for announcing that you wanted to do a song soon. Not poker chip bardic, or any such -- if anything, "poker chip chaos", where the token is -just- an indication of wanting to perform, but more "polite" than some of the available methods.

High points: Farmer Brown. The five person last gasp chaos that kept going for over 3 hours on Satuday night (and going, and going -- I love the smallish circles). Chatting with Ailsa on Friday night. The hunterite gathering working out pretty well after all. Seeing Dave be there (and yes, he's evil, trying to fool us all like that). Seeing Becky Shoenberg be there (I hope you had a good time). Seeing pocketnaomi. Snoggong with drcpunk.
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