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Eggs and Endorphins

If winning is good...

8/20/05 10:40 pm - If winning is good...

...Then this has been a good Gencon for me and Shadowfist.

Thursday, I won the Comerades in Arms designator deck tournament and got "most wins" in the speed dueling tournament (which is the winningest of four prizes in that format, and the one I bias toward winning).

Friday, I came in second (after winning all my pre-final games) in the Whirlpool of Blood draft event (run New York style), and came in second in the Who's the Big Man Now world champion dueling event.

Today...well, after 11 hours, (three of them the final) I just won the Shadowfist Final Brawl World Multiplayer Championship.

I'm about to play my first roleplaying game of the con -- it's about time.

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