Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

more identity wierdness

As if the fun of certifying I had an identity in the spring wasn't enough (after I lost my passport), wait, there's more!

We got some wierd calls (that turned out to be from a debt collection agency) after we got back from Britain asking for "The Late Joshua Kronengold", and never figured out what was up with that.

Well, today we got a bit more info, when I got a message on one of my Discover cards got a message saying it was revoked because "you" (I didn't) "(or your agent)" (nope) "indicated that you would no longer be able to meet your financial obligations...". Well, to make a long story (with lots of waiting on the phone) short, apparently, on August 4th, they got a letter returned (apparently by the post office?) with "deceased", and one thing lead to another. (For anyone who's wondering I'm not dead. For quite some time now.)

I'll be calling their probate department tomorrow to see about dealing with that little issue, and talk to the Post Office to make sure there isn't anything lingering in their system, but I've got another valid card -- a Gold card with a much higher balance...

Well, actually, I don't. The issues plaguing the main card did -not-, in fact, transfer to the other card. But when I looked at my card, I found that it had expired 4 months ago. Why? Well, the nice Discover person (btw, Discover was -very- nice and polite throughout the entire business, and while they put me on hold a number of times, AFACTL, they never didd so for a moment longer than needed to talk to the next person about my issue and always appologized for making me hold -- kudos) saw a note on my file saying that a new card hadn't been sent out because of issues with my divorce. "Divorce," I said? "I've never been married!" Over the next two short conversations, I was informed that "dvrsc" (or some such) had been misread, and that actually, a note had been put onto my account that I shouldn't get new cards until I asked for them. I had not, naturally, ever asked for such a note. But I must assume that when I called several years ago to tell Discover to stop sending me paper security holes checks (after some quicly caught fraudulent charges and an attempt to cash one of the checks forced them to cancel my previous Gold Card account and give me a new one), the person on the phone left the checks on, but shut off sending me -cards-. I suppose the checkbox is probably right next to the other one or something.

Presumably, everything is dealt with, or will be tomorrow -- and no harm done (I only tried to -use- my Discover Card once during August, and I carry a lot of other plastic), and I'm getting the new Gold Card next week. But certainly an -interesting- experience, and not one I want to repeat. Better than -actually- being dead, though.
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