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Eggs and Endorphins


9/27/05 11:37 pm - Firefly

Lisa and I have been watching Firefly. I'm sorry we didn't see them earlier -- but I like the way we've been watching them, (mostly) in order, off the DVD, and about one or two a day. We've seen through Ariel.

Minor Spoilers: Speculation based on info through War Stories and Buffy season 4

I think the 2x2, hands of blue villains are grown from the same seed that sprouted The Gentlemen, in Hush. They move slowly, they have a slow but nevertheless inevitable method of killing, they have rhymes about them and what they do, and they have a nearly identical fear factor.

That they also take a part of you which you need, and that both are creations of Joss Whedon are both things I noticed later.
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