Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

Zorro and previews

We just saw Legend of Zorro -- it's fun -- a total romp, with lots of silliness and plot holes, but it's humorous and charming, and features appropriately nasty villains, and in addition to the two obvious leads, a kid who gives a good account of himself (and echoes Zorro's style sufficently that one suspects that if they do a third movie, it will involve the kid taking up the mantle).

Definately "check your brain at the door," but it works. My favorite out of movie quote: during the train sequence, I turned to drcpunk and said "horse". She repeated happily "horse". And lo and behold, "horse'" happened.

Previews: the ones I cared about were Narnia and Potter.

Potter looked gorgeous. Lisa wasn't thrilled with the book, and I admit it wasn't one of my favorites, but the movie looks like. it does even more for the images in this novel than in the previous ones, if the preview's anything to go by.

Narnia lookes...well, Narnia appears to look like someone saw the success of the Tolkien moves and thought "Narnia would work as well!" If the movie's this good, it's going to be something special.
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