Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

Housefilk @ Josh and Lisa's (NYC), Sunday, January 5, 1pm

Happy New Year!

Lisa and I have realized that we don't have anything hard-scheduled for this
Sunday, and that we'd both like to attend a we've decided to
hold one! (and yes, I know -- we're giving very little notice. Oh, well.)

Doors will open at 1pm (anyone arriving earlier will await the vagaries of
when we get up), and close when everyone has left, or we decide we want to go
to bed and throw everyone out (which won't happen before 8pm).

RSVPs aren't required...but -are- appreciated, since it would be nice to know
how many or few to expect.

We may, or may not provide some form of snacks...but if you want to make sure
you have something to eat/drink aside from water, bring something (or at least
be ready to order out; we do have passable Chinese and good Indian and Sushi
and pizza in the area).

Also, if you need crash space, we do have two spare beds (in the same room),
but use of these definitely -will- require RSVPs.

(any more questions, just email me.)



Joshua Kronengold and Lisa Padol
48-38 48th ST APT 3F
Woodside, NY 11377
(Cell: 917-992-5814)

Take the 7 Train to 46th street. Get out at either entrance.

If on 46th street, face the Dynasty supermarket; if on 47th street,
face the cigarette store (or figure out where the Dynasty supermarket
is a block up, and face in that direction) [IOW, face south)].

Walk south until you get to 48th avenue (cross 48th avenue); turn left
Walk east along 48th avenue until you get to 46th street; turn right.
(do not cross 48th street).

Go to 48-38 on 48th Street, ring the 3F door, go up 2 flights, ring or knock
on door.


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