Joshua Kronengold (mneme) wrote,
Joshua Kronengold

Quick GaFilk, Arisia Report

GAfilk was cool. Went, sang, hung out, danced, all that. I so wished the concert area had space for dancing, though, especially during the Dandelion Wine concert. I have good taste, the two things I'd have been willing to pay ~$100 for in the Interfilk auction went for over $300 each.

Arisia has been pretty cool. Lots of gaming for me, some filking (much more tonight, I suspect, but I've probably already done almost as much performance as I did at all of GAfilk, since the Friday circle was quite small.

I demoed and played a fair amount of games on Friday, and a -ridiculous- amount of games today, mostly Looney Labs. demoing. Some very nice Zendo games, incluiding ones I didn't master, and 3 games of Icehouse (one of which I didn't win -- marcmagus won instead)! And I learned a new (to me) Icehouse game: Blam, which is simple, elegant, and fun.

Unfortunately, with all this gaming, I managed to miss Heather Dale's concert. :( Just completely skipped my mind. I'll hopefuly be able to catch her children's concert tomorrow.

Met lots of people, of course -- much fun. The wierdest meeting was sombrereptiles, an expatriate New Yorker who used to fence in NY, and who I hadn't seen in years.

And...after buying very little, cooling down for a bit in the room. Later? Filking, maybe a bit more partying. And then there's tomorrow.
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