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Housefilk! (originally posted 2003-01-06)

The housefilk happened -- it was a lot of fun.

In attendence were (in order of appearance) drcpunk (who also lives here, and therefore doesn't exactly count), batyatoon and sdelmonte (who arrived together), Eyal (who it was great to see again), Beth (who IIRC doesn't have an LJ handle), Elaine (who it was nice to meet (and who I'm sure I've seen at other conventions, but seeing someone and not knowing their name doesn't count), and Merav, Jon, and agrumer (who also arrived together, all three of them, though agrumer was a pleasant but unexpected arrival, and the only attendee who didn't R. (well, I did say R, if you please, not R, or else).

As it was, everyone seemed to have a great time, we had about 8 hours of great filking (including some excellent harmony by 1/2-2/3 of Lady Mondegreen, the band, depending on how you count it), at one point filling my smallish living room almost to the bursting point.

Batya and Merav did some incredible stuff. Merav and I did a pretty good version of Voices of the Sea [pretty good, for a cold read, that is]. Avram did a bit of singing, and I got to do his "Fractals," which doesn't get enough play. Merav played beautifully on James, her guitar. Batyatoon drummed on my small hand-drum, while I played my unnamed larger Bodhran, the drum, and Cherryh, my fiddle. And Elaine played her banjo, which she does beautifully.

Also, I got to play with my harp, Caliope. Other people also got to fondle Caliope, which she didn't mind at all; I think she liked Wil the best.

It was a lot of fun. Thank you for coming, everyone. I want to do it again. [We have to do it again]

Here are a few pics I took; I unfortunately forgot to take pictures while Elaine was here, so I don't have any of her. :(

Eyal, in the foreground, Beth, almost obscured, Drcpunk, in the background
Sdelmonte, left, Batyatoon, right.
left to right, Agrumer, Batyatoon, Sdelmonte, from behind.
Eyal, Drcpunk, Jon, Agrumer (part of)

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